A wide range of consultancy services from language support to insurance, risks and technical issues within the scope of Coaching, Mentoring and Assistantship support.

  • Replanning
  • Roadmap, action planning
  • Vision Development
  • Team Building and Management, Mission DelegationManagement of critical processes
  • Time management
  • Developing innovative perspective and solutions

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A person who wants to develop knowledge, skills and attitude about the new sector, or who encounters a problem in his current position and wonders how to solve it in the most efficient way, or who wants to calculate the possible consequences of a new decision and prevent problems that may arise from the beginning, and apply to a mentor for this. It is called a mentee.
Of course, the mentee also plays an important role in the mentoring program, although he or she is in the position of receiving advice and being guided. First of all, he/she should have determined the subject and objectives for which he/she wants to get help or information, take an active role in the planning of the program, adapt the mindset he gained from the mentor and take actions in this direction.
Mentor and mentee are like two partners who learn together in this development process.
What benefits does Mentornity offer for mentees?

It can be used instantly in all types of organizations with a Mentor/Menti relationship.
Mentornity provides many conveniences in this direction, not only to mentors but also to mentees. You can easily determine and hold your meetings, use your time more carefully and efficiently, reach the leading mentors of the sector in the field you want, write the topics you want to talk about and are curious about on the meeting page, ensure that the meeting takes place faster and more clearly, make your program more organized by taking notes after the meeting. you can execute.


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