We are able to provide a comprehensive service with our best solution partners in national and international market research, including numerical and verbal research. Also complete branding solutions.

In this topic, starting from the market analysis process, we offer complete or subject-based solutions for the determination of sales-marketing strategies, branding, company corporate identity studies, branching, creation of the whole team, franchise and dealer network system installation and operation management, audit service.

we can help you to better focus your business, launch new products, improve your sales process, manage your channels, improve and manage your sales, recruit or evaluate sales representatives.

The process proceeds in the following order and subject headings;

  • Creating a Company Strategy by combining the ideas to be developed with the company team with the results obtained by making Competitors, Product and Market Analyzes
  • Drawing Roadmaps of each department and unit in line with these Strategies
  • Creation of budgets
  • Making task distributions according to these Roadmaps
  • Establishment of Marketing Activities and creation and/or development, regulation of Sales Channels
  • Operation of Sales Processes, CRM compliance ( Increasing the potential and satisfaction of existing customers, Ensuring new potential customer acquisition, Define roles and responsibilities of each member of the sales team, Evaluation of sales staff, Recruitment help, Staff coaching
  • Studying the results of SWOT Analysis (Ensuring that opportunities are shifted to Sales, Monitoring of activities and Reporting
  • Additionally we provide “Interim Management Service” too when you need temporary help to manage your teams, to integrate a new activity into your business. We are there when your key people in your management organization leave. we have led project teams, product teams and sales teams of all sizes in all environments. So we can help you transition during difficult situations