All kind of Quality systems& Certifications for your business.


Consulting Service Items for Certification and Certification needs;

  • Quality Management System Consultancy Service
  • Corporate Governance Consultancy Service
  • Environmental Management Consultancy Service
  • Medical Devices Consultancy Service
  • Environmental Management Consultancy Service
  • Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy Service
  • HACCP Consulting Service Consulting Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Consultancy Service
  • Enterprise Risk Management System Consultancy Service
  • Food Safety Management System Consultancy Service
  • Information Security Management System Consultancy Service
  • Information Technologies Management System Consultancy Service
  • Work Cleaning Management System Consultancy Service
  • Software Lifecycle Processes Consultancy Service
  • Energy Management System Consultancy Service
  • Call Center Management Consultancy Service
  • Educational Institutions Management System Consultancy Service
  • Tourism and Related Services Consultancy Service
  • Management Facility Management Systems Standard
  • Certification Accreditation Consultancy Service
  • Personnel Certification Consultancy Services
  • Laboratory Accreditation Consultancy Service
  • Social Responsibility Management Consulting
  • Ecological Product / Service Certification
  • Agriculture and Food Sector Certification
  • CE , ISO Certification
  • FAC, FDA, FSMA Documents
  • Product Certification
  • Social Compliance Audit

The aim of SUSZ is to bring together people who are engaged in activities related to inspections with manufacturers who export or produce; It allows schools to make sure that the designs are correct.

Social Compliance and Sustainability

In order to benefit from the idea in the modern era, it is about life, that is, to develop our world and to be human, in a healthy way today. Accordingly, it should be within the scope of compliance audits. In the process of social conformity, no one element is different from another. This expansion, social definition; ethical, user judgments, attitudes towards humans, animals and living things, ecological and economic sustainability principles can also be added.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Private choice is a kind of self-control in terms of existence in the international arena. Since this is socially appropriate, it can also be visually preferred in terms of CSR.

Social Compliance Audits Corporate Social Responsibility construction construction to improve the structure. Because both topics will be the subject that should be carried on human and nature.

Who Requests Social Compliance Audits?

Social Compliance Audits are preferred by retailers and customers (buyers and brands). Social Compliance Audits in the development, maintenance and guidance of specific corporate codes. Because supply from social life, social practices in supply supply (about local work, health, etc.)

Based on the basic principles of the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO), the social target sets key focal points on key compatible industries. In this way, special business areas are specifically used for the coaches of the brands. This is practices aimed at improving and improving business developments rather than the purpose of benefiting from the project.

“Happy workforce, more and more effective work.”

So, Social Compliance Audits seem to be a goal, with products quality. Because; It is designed fundamentally and appropriately, basic qualifications and detailed scrutiny will be passed. From the course of quality and quality work, after these products are approved, automatically as a customer. With the Social Responsibility Audits, commercial success, profit, project, etc. between them can be thought to be one forever.

As a result, Social Compliance Audits do not accept the image and corporate identity that brands will be built on. These incremental Social Compliance audits demonstrate the far-reaching operational characteristics of facilities. So Social Compliance Audits and hardening, all business organizations prefer. Social compliance criteria, along with contributing to people and life, this improves business quality and profitable success, have the main reasons for their widespread choice.